an ONSET ENGINEERING company

We specialize in custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies for complex systems and industries 


Electronics Interconnect Engineering & Manufacturing


       Our Manufacturing Capabilities 

Wiring harness, cable assembly, or wiring assembly 

Cable Processing

Stripping, Crimping, Labeling, and Tie-wrapping

Custom braiding equipment creates wire harnesses

Visual EstiTrack™ 

Complete the business management process by Visual EstiTrack 

Soldering stations for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounted connectors 

Continuous Improvement 

Use tangible data to constantly evolve and refine your manufacturing process. 

Regulatory Compliance 

Stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations effortlessly. 

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About us 

NovaLink Systems, an Onset Engineering company, with over 2 decades of experience Our services include custom medical cable assemblies, cable extrusion, lead wire, instrumentation cable, laboratory cable assemblies, and medical equipment wiring harness.  We offer medical device companies a complete line of custom medical cable and harness assemblies and interconnect solutions. We’ve developed manufacturing process and select material specific provides chain to support this distinctive market.  Over the year, we also expand our services to different industries include Aerospace , Automotive, Energy

Over the last 20 years, our capability to manufacture in the US has declined significantly, as companies have begun outsourcing and reducing costs. The needs for Medical and Aerospace companies haven't changed though, as they have been experiencing more difficulty keeping and finding qualified suppliers. I know how their needs are not being met, and that there is a growing demand for them to manufacture locally.

We also prototype, manufacture, and test products in-house, under a strict quality management system. We offer services that are important to larger companies, by ensuring things are done correctly, with trained personnel, and properly certified equipment.

We are honored to have been selected as the manufacturing partner for