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Novalink Systems, an Onset Engineering Inc., boasts a team of highly skilled professionals specializing in custom wire harnessing, with a collective experience exceeding 20 years. We are deeply committed to ensuring that our customers have complete peace of mind regarding the performance and quality of their wire harnesses. We hold a genuine appreciation for our customers' specific requirements, acknowledging that each of them possesses distinct manufacturing processes, material specifications, and design and scheduling demands. Our primary goal is to help our customers understand the underlying factors influencing design, manufacturing, and scheduling challenges.

Our role extends to aiding customers in the smooth transition of their wire harness designs into the manufacturing phase, leveraging our expertise to address unique application-specific needs and potential issues. We continuously offer design solutions and proposals to enhance manufacturability, contributing to the overall efficiency of our customers' custom wire harness processes. All these services are provided within a cost-competitive framework, enabling us to maintain a high level of responsiveness and flexibility through the utilization of lean initiatives and continuous improvement tools.

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